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Another web site to highlight for this week.

Our friends at Wright Hotel Development in Portland OR are the leaders in hotel development and hotel casino development in the world.  With locations around the world they specialize in hotels with casinos and hotels for tribal casinos.

Since Wright Hotel Development started over 20 years ago they have built many different and unique hotels around the world.  Tribal casinos, hotels with convention centers, casinos on tribal lands, hotels for franchises that are both well known and not well known, and everything in between.

To get to know more about Wright Hotel Development in Portland OR we suggest looking at these online resources for more information about hotel development:

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Exquisite Beauty

Artistic Flowers in Portland OR is a web site we’d like to highlight today.  With their fresh, affordable flowers and expert florists I always choose their web site to buy new flowers and to get flowers delivered to my friends and family.

I don’t feel I order enough flowers though.  I think flowers brighten ones day and can bring a lot of joy to people when they are surprised by flowers which are fresh and last a long time.  Since I don’t order flowers often at all I’m reliant upon the expert florists at Artistic Flowers to make flower arrangements that fit the occasion.  If I didn’t go that route I’d end up with sending the wrong flowers to the wrong event and have some explaining to do.

So when in the market for some nice flowers, from friendly staff, that are affordable, long lasting, and absolutely stunning then I’d say give Artistic Flowers in Portland OR a chance.  The florists there treat you well and always make sure you’re getting a great price.

Also if you’re in the market for wedding flowers in Portland then they are certainly your go to.

Read up about our founder and CEO Craig Koenigsberg from around the web!

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CLK Founder Craig Koenigsberg on My Money

Founded in 1980 by the father-son team of Maynard and Craig Koenigsberg, CLK has grown into one of the nation’s largest real estate investors and operators with a diverse portfolio of multifamily and commercial properties. CLK Properties based in New York has more than 95 assets in 31 cities, with over 22,000 residential units and over 2.5 million square feet of commercial space.

It’s been a while but we’re still here and ready to chat about our favorite web sites from around the web.

Today we discovered Michelle’s Piano in Portland OR.  They are the official Steinway piano dealership in Portland OR and they offer a plethora of information about Steinway pianos, purchasing a Steinway piano in Portland, and owning a Steinway piano.  I stopped by there the other day on one of my walks around Portland OR and found that they have knowledgeable staff, many different pianos to play and hear, and prices that couldn’t be beat.

They offer no sales tax on Steinway pianos and other piano brands since they are located in Oregon.  I’m assuming many people end up shopping for a Steinway piano with them to save thousands of dollars on the tax.  More about Michelle’s Piano in future posts!

Also checkout their video of Steinway Pianos in Portland, OR.